Hand Pounded Turmeric (Kutti Haldi)


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We proudly offer you the finest traditional method-extracted Turmeric. Our expert artisans employ the time-honored technique of “hand cakki and musal, as well as the iconic red stone Okhal,” to produce the highest-quality Turmeric you can find. With great care and craftsmanship, we ensure that every step of the process is imbued with the rich heritage and tradition of generations past. Delve into the world of deeply aromatic and vibrant Turmeric that will bring a burst of flavor and color to your culinary creations. Experience the authenticity and superior quality of our Turmeric, sourced from the heart of our trusted farmers based on sustainable cultivation practices. Enhance your dishes, boost your well-being, and indulge in the natural wonders of traditional Turmeric extraction, all in one exquisite package. Explore our website, take a journey through the captivating history of Turmeric production, and discover the true essence of this timeless spice. Step into a world where traditional methods yield extraordinary results – welcome to the realm of our hand cakki, musal, and red stone Okhla-extracted Turmeric.


250 grm, 500 grm, 65 grm


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